Welcome to Fundamental

There is a mental health crisis in the UK – which continues to hit men of every sexuality and background the hardest.

Too many men are taking their own lives.

Fundamental is a brand new mental health initiative - led by gay and bisexual men and their allies who want to make us all more mentally healthy.

Fundamental is a community showcasing the men making a difference, connecting us all to leaders in the field and inviting all of us to events online and in person around the UK.

Fundamental will make discussions about mental health a fun, exciting and inclusive social activity. We specialise in men's mental health but our mission is for all our minds - whoever we are.

We launch as a collective of gay and bisexual men who want to help all men live a better life.

We want to make a difference in both our own community and outside of it – and will enlist the help of all LGBTQ+ people and their allies to create a new space together.

We will collaborate with brands and businesses who celebrate the diversity of men and treat all men equally – in the worlds of hospitality, personal development, fitness, nutrition, clothing, beauty and style.

We will embed mental health discussions and activism within these brands to reach out to as many men as possible.

Our mental health is everything – and striving to improve it should feel aspirational, fascinating and positive.

We want everyone to join the conversation about good mental health, share their experiences and learn together. We need to help each other.

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