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  • Mental Health in Lockdown

    Team Fundamental talks mental health in 2021 - how do we respond to lockdown, the changes to life and work and the pressures of the pandemic.

  • Mental Health and Sexuality

    Identity has become a battleground - but for many it's a personal and painful issue. Hear inspiring stories and build confidence in who you want to be.

  • Mental Health and Identity

    2020 fully revealed the real issues effecting the UK's diverse population. How can we look after our mental health in the fight for equality? 

  • Manxiety

    Matthew Shaw and Mark Bailey look at male anxiety - in their brilliant Manxiety workshop. Learn all about anxiety and how to handle it.

  • Anxiety and Depression

    Two of the most common mental health issues - how can we work together to learn more, seek treatment and look after ourselves.

  • Mental Health at Work

    Matthew Shaw shows what you can do in the workplace to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health, start meaningful conversations and change the way you work.

  • Mental Health and Men

    Team Fundamental are men with a message about male mental health, the challenges of life and provide a safe space for all men to be open.

  • Mental Health for Gay Men

    Mental health issues still effect the LGBTQ community disproportionately. What can we do within our community to promote looking after our minds.