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Gay and bisexual men who want to help change the world - and make us all mentally healthy


We are a new initiative led by gay and bisexual men and their allies. We want everyone to join the conversation about good mental health, share their experiences and learn together.

Fundamental is a new community showcasing the men making a difference - connecting you to leaders in the field and bringing us all together in events online and in person around the UK.

We specialise in men's mental health but our mission is for all our minds - whoever we are.

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Who we are

Meet Team Fundamental - we are all speakers, advocates, activists and influencers in the field of mental health, diversity and inclusion.

We are gay and bisexual men who want to help change the world - and make us all mentally healthy.


What we do

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Mental Health After Lockdown

Team Fundamental talks mental health in 2021 - how do we respond to life after lockdown, the changes to work and the pressures of the pandemic.

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Mental Health and Sexuality

Identity has become a battleground - but for many it's a personal and painful issue. Hear inspiring stories and build confidence in who you want to be.

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Mental Health and Diversity

This pandemic has fully revealed the real issues effecting the UK's diverse population. How can we look after our mental health in the fight for equality? 


Our Supporters and Allies

Fundamental is supported by allies and sponsors  who share our vision on mental health - and support diversity and inclusion at the heart of what they do. We are proud to involve them in our events and want to hear from anyone who has our back.

We are all in this together.

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